The Perfect Roti

The Perfect Roti, also called tortilla, is just another dish on every Nepali plate. Synonymous to basic need of food, it will always be the cornerstone food of everyone. Hot, soft and fluffy roti’s are integral to the idea of homemade food. They lend to it the warmth and love that fills up with every bit of being. The process of making roti is evaluated at all stages. 


Texture: A good atta is slightly thin gravelled as it signifies choker.

Color: A good atta is slightly off-white in color. A white atta indicates that it has maida mixed in it.

Smell – A good atta has a smell of wheat.


Ease in kneading – It should not feel very hard while kneading.

How quickly and easily it binds – it should not stick to the plate and should not feel very loose.


Easy to roll.

Easy to spread – should not be elastic.

Roti’s corner should not crack.


Should get baked evenly (should not leave unbaked patches).

Should not crack from sides.

Phuleko roti

Finished Roti

The Perfect Roti should be soft so that it breaks with one hand.

Should have slight sweetness and melt in mouth.